Michell Stanley, LICSW, CLC

Fulfillment Coach


Helping Couples to:

1. Repair Communication

2. Rejuvenate Intimacy & Connection

3. Reinvest in their Commitments

The Art of a Successful Argument

Learn the Simple Step that will Transform your Communication.

Evolve your Relationship

The Relationship Resolution Method

"Learning and understanding your partner's emotions

has been statistically proven to help 90%

of couples significantly improve" 

  • The Relationship Resolution ™ method weaves emotional intelligence into communication by:


    • Teaching couples how to communicate and connect on a physical, mental and emotional level.​​​​
  • In The Relationship Resolution Method ™ coaches couples to work through conflict by:


    • Using mindfulness to sense the signals of "rabbit hole" conversations 
    • Using relationship enrichment tools (from the Gottman ™, Imago™  & Prepare-Enrich™ theories) to shift reactions to being triggered.
    • Re-training couples' interactions to be love-centered, as opposed to fear-based.

"When you intentionally shift your thoughts,

emotions and behavior, your relationships will

alter accordingly"​

  • The Relationship Resolution Method™  challenges couples to deepen intimacy by:


    • Using the 5 Levels of Mindfulness to intuit and communicate intimate needs
    • Identifying the commitments that evolve intimacy over time.
  • The Relationship Resolution Workshop serves as a supportive container for couples to collaborate in the creative process of evolving commitments through the activities of: 


    • Intention Setting
    • Values Sharing
    • Life Designing
  • The Relationship Resolution Method ™ revolutionizes what it means to commit to intimate partnership by:


    • Shifting from commitments that are external obligations to values that are intrinsically motivated.
    • Developing lifestyle habits that support our individual and interdependent fulfillment, wellness, and growth.

"Research finds that Pre-marital and marriage coaching and education can reduce divorce by 30%. . . 


IF couples get help 

before it's too late." 

Don't Wait!  

Event Date: Saturday March 9th 11am-2pm

Event Location:

444 North Capital St. NW. Suite 730 Room A

Washington D.C.  20001

Michell Stanley, LICSW, CLC

Fulfillment Coach

Michell Stanley is a certified life coach,  licensed psychotherapist and certified marriage counselor.  She has created the Relationship Resolution Method ™  to take the pressure and stigma off of the necessity for couples to learn and get help from certified professionals as well as each other.   This workshop gives couples the tools to  repair their communication, rekindle their connection, and  rejuvenate their commitments  in a fun and interactive experience.

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