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How Becoming a Professional Coach Can

Take Your Career to the Next Level

"Coaching is currently one of the fastest

growing fields"

  • "In a recent Forbes Survey,  70% of corporations and businesses reported that they are increasing or maintaining their commitment to coaching", even during economic downturn.

  • "For Businesses:  Coaching results in a Return On Investment (ROI) of almost 6x the program cost .  

  • "Benefits of Coaching to Organizations Include:

  • 77%

    improvement in relationships


    improvement in teamwork


    improvement in job satisfaction 


    improvement in quality."

  • The American School of Professional Coaching (ASPC) is a unique professional coach training school with a vision to train and certify the highest caliber of coaches who will change the world through coaching. 


    Our program is unique in that our master mentor coaches work with small groups, and even one-on-one, to train, certify and mentor each of our students to become fully successful coaches.

ICF Accredited​

  • Our program is accredited by the international gold standard for coaching, The International Coaching Federation (ICF).  

At ASPC, every student is trained by a Master-Level Life Coach in-person and in small group format.


The mentorship relationship is at the core of our training which has students practicing coaching skills with other students during our intensive classroom training.

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