Attention: (Coaches, Therapists and Social Workers)

How to profitable and credibly coach others so you  can create a successful side-hustle in 90 Days.

Without going back to school or starting from scratch in your career.

This 6 week live coach training to learn how to create a profitable coaching brand... even if you don't have any clients or coach training yet.

Do you Want to ReInvent Your Career without Having to Start Over or Go Back to School?

Are you feeling drained, over-worked yet unfilled in your current job?


Naturally, you want to figure out how to overcome the fear of starting a new business. You've probably looked into going back to school or even searching for jobs at companies you could want to work with. However, you find yourself being unmotivate and ambivalent about most jobs you see.

1. Have you thought about starting a coaching or consulting business, but not sure if you have what it takes to be a successful coach?

2. Are you overwhelming yourself with trainings, podcasts and articles trying to find some validation that you're qualified and competent enough to start a business on your own successfully?


A 6-week Coach Training Program

Coaching Conversations to Cash Flow

 How to profitably  and credibly coach others so you  can create a successful side-hustle in 90 Days.

Class meets Weekly from August 12th through September 16th 2020

(Online Via Zoom)

Days and Time:   Wednesdays from 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm EST

and Sunday September 13th 1:00 pm-5:30 pm EST

(Recordings of live session available in case you are not able to attend live sessions)

  • Discover your unique coaching brand

  • Attract your personal and professional tribe

  • Learn how to effectively and and profitably coach the people you are motivated to work with on issues that are meaningful to you.

    Who Is This For?

    Professionals who want to:

    Work for themselves.  

    Effectively and profitably coach others

    Develop a credible reputation, A-Grade clients and unimitable brand

    Be able to Live and Work from anywhere

    Use Your Life experiences to create a success strategy for client results.

    Here's What You Get

    Some people spend thousands of dollars to get certified before knowing what issue they can profitably and effectively address.


    However, if you would like to use this prove-ably profitable method to create a secure foundation of coaching theory, combined with the skills to instill confidence and competence as a coach, then check this out:

    Learn to Effectively and Credibly Coach Others

    Do you want your career to be something that you love doing and can't wait to get up for every day.   Learning to coach gives you the skills to create impact, inspiration and ingenuity through your conversations.

    Attract Your Tribe of A-Grade Clients & Collaborators

    Discover your essential expertise and life experiences that can make you stand out in saturated coaching market by creating hybrid business models that capitalize on your passions, expertise and interests..

    Create a Profitable Coaching Brand

    Identify the high-demand issue/problem that you are qualified and excited to address.  Create a profitable, purposeful and passion-driven coaching brand that get paying clients in 90 days.

    Liberate Your Lifestyle 

    (You gotta walk your talk-   right?.  :)

    Create a self-care success strategy for your own of health and happiness habits.   Learn to trust your insight to liberate your lifestyle and work schedule.

    If you think this might be right for you, but have questions, let's talk!

    We want you to be sure this is a right fit before asking you to pay anything.  So, if you are on the fence.  Schedule your FREE call below.

    Here's what people have to say about our Coaching School.

    "I started this program with hopes of starting my coaching business within the next 5-10 years.  To my suprise: I actually got my first paying clients before I even completed the course! I realized that I didn't have to wait to start living the life I wanted. My life  changed once I started this class, and is going to continue for the rest of my life!"

     -Tammy D, Education Director

    Inside The Conversations to Cash Flow

    Module 1:

    Align With Your Vibe- Credible Brand Clarity

    Regular Price- $775


    • Use the Life Design System to Outline Steps to your Goals
    • Reinvent through the 3 -phases of Radical Self-Care.
    • Use Your Life Story to Create a Memorable Marketing Message
    • Use 5 Levels of Listening to Transform Understanding


    • Use your Self-Care habits to Get Clarity on the Problem You  are qualified and passionate  about solving or addressing.
    • Shift your work schedule to revolve around the life you want to have.
    • Effectively listen, communicate and question as a coach.

    Module Two

    Tribe Traction -The Art of attracting your Tribe

    Regular Price- $775


    • How to Use the  Mind-Body Conversation in Coaching
    • Discover the G.A.P Method to increase your ROI in Partnerships
    • Transform perspective and potential with incisive questions


    • Coach beyond thinking to tap mind-body intuition 
    • Identify your prove-ably profitable market niche
    • Develop a mission and message that reaches and engages your A-Grade clients and collaborators.

    Module Three

    Fail-Safe Compensation Strategy

    Regular Price - $775


    • Coaching Evaluations & Feedback Using the ICF Competencies
    • Overcoming Challenges through Incisive Questions 
    • Resilience as a Success Strategy


    • Learn how to evaluate client's progress.
    • Implement strategies for supporting client's after they reach their goals.
    • Develop a Fail-Safe Strategy to scale Your business 


    Enroll in the Conversations to Cash Flow Course now and receive these Bonus offers 

    absolutely FREE!!

    Bonus 1

    Value $250

    Attend our ICF Roundtable Coaching Evaluation and Feedback Session


    September 12th from 4-6pm EST.


    Get an extra 2 hours of practice coaching with students in our ICF class.  You will not only coach other students but also have the opportunity to receive coaching on your professional and personal challenges.





    Bonus 2

    Value $50

    IAC Masteries and Ethics Coaching  Manual 

    Get a professional manual with the IAC (International Association of Coaching) ethics and detailed guidelines of what to do and NOT to do as a professional and competent coach


    This manual will include:  

    1. The reading list of our ICF certification course.  
    2. The IAC guidelines for ethical coaching.  
    3. An In-depth breakdown of each Coaching mastery.
    4. How to apply it in a coaching session..

    Michell is a psychotherapist, life coach and yoga teacher.  She has been using coaching for the last 5 years to combine her expertise and training into a unique coaching brand that combines psychology and yoga. 


    Michell is the founder and CEO of Moksha Living holistic psychotherapy and life coaching services, 

    which has been voted by Expertise as one of the top 5 Life Coaching Practices in Washington D.C. in the areas of credibility, reputation, customer service and professionalism for  3 years in a row.

     Michell is the executive director of the American School of Professional Coaching in Washington D.C.  This professional Coach training program and organizational leadership school  serves the Federal Government, NASA, DC Courts and the NFL by helping their employees tap into their purpose by learning to coach others. 

    Here's what people are saying about Michell

    Kobe, J Entrepreneur, Washington D.C.

    "I am doing really really really surprisingly great even though the world is on pause in a way. I started a new job about a month ago and I’ve been working from home ever since. i just wanted to reach out and say thank you...All the work that you’ve helped me through has really been a blessing!! Sometimes I catch myself approaching pessimism and then i remember how i’ve learned to walk myself back from it with your coaching."

    14 Day Risk Free Guarantee

    You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If in the first 14 days you don’t feel like you got at least 10X the value of your investment I’ll refund 100% of your money! That's how sure I am that this program is going to work for you as long as you take action.

    This Is A Limited Time Offer

    Why Should You Get The Conversation to Cash Flow Course Now?

    Small-group experiential learning is one of the things that makes our program unique.  In order to maintain the integrity and impact of our learning environment. we must limit the number of students to our co-hort to 8 students.  Also, these coaching training modules are priced at $1,700. We are offering it for just $997 only for the upcoming week.

    So, take action now before our class fills up! 

    A Personal Note From Michell

    At the American School of Professional Coaching, we truly believe that we can change the world one conversation at a time through coaching conversations.


    This course will not just maximize your professional potential, but it will also deepen signifiance and meaning in your personal relationships with friends and family.


    I have no doubt that this course will transfrom your life, career and relationships.


    Michell Stanley

    Founder, Conversations to Cash Flow 

    Payment Plans

    4 Bi-Weekly Payments

    (Save $660)

    1. Credible Brand Clarity ($775)

    2. Tribe Traction             ($775)

    3. Compensation Strategy ($775)


    5. BONUS 1: ICF Roundtable Coaching       ($250)

         6. BONUS 2: IAC Masteries & Ethics Manual ($50)

    Total Value = $2,625

    Regular Price : $1,700

    Yours Today For

    Just 4 bi-weekly payments of $260

    Claim Your Limited Time Discounted Offer Now!

    (All sessions will be recorded and uploaded in a secure membership area for your future reference)

    Pay In Full

    (Save $700)

    1. Credible Brand Clarity ($775)

    2. Tribe Traction             ($775)

    3. Compensation Strategy ($775)


    5. BONUS 1: ICF Roundtable Coaching       ($250)

    6. BONUS 2: IAC Masteries & Ethics Manual ($50)


    Total Value = $2,625

    Regular Price : $1,700

    Yours Today For

    Just One Payment of $997


    Claim Your Limited Time Discounted Offer Now!

    (All sessions will be recorded and uploaded in a secure membership area for your future reference)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are a few answers to our most common questions

    When Will this Course Meet?

    This Class Meets Online on the following dates:

    Wednesday from 5:00 PM - 6:30PM EST

    1. January 20th 2021
    2. January 27th 2021
    3. February 3rd 2021
    4. February 10th 2021
    5. February 17th 2021
    6. February February 24 2021

    *AND Sunday,  February 28th from 1 pm to 5:30 pm

    How Will I Join the Online Class?

    A link to our online classroom will be provided to you upon checkout..

    What if I have to Miss a Day of Class?

    WIll I receive a certification from this course?

    There is No certification for this course.  However, you will be elliglble for certirication in our next modules.

    How will classes be structured?

    Each online class will include one part lecture discussion, and  practice coaching.  That means you will coach and receive coacing in almost every class.

    Can I talk to someone if I have questions?

    Yes!  Let's talk!  If you have questions or on the fence, use the schedule link to schedule a phone interview.  This interview is an opportunity for you and I to make sure this is a good fit in getting you the results you want.  .