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3 Steps to Relationship Resilience

The end of a relationship can have lasting effects on our fulfillment, health, and even productivity. 

Sometimes even years after a relationship ends, we dread the idea of having to be vulnerable again to another person. . .   Other times we might stay in the wrong relationships fearful we won't find better in the future.  


That's why we need to cultivate resilience regardless of the relationship stage we are in.  

Join me in taking the first step in activating your relationship potential!

  • Restore Your Loveability

    You know your love-able but also want to feel worthy, enough and deserving on the inside.

  • Develop Dating Confidence

    You know how to be confident in the workplace, but those skills don't always translate to dating. You will learn how to bring your confidence into dating.

  • Authentic Relationship Optimism

    Negativity drains yourself and others.  Develop a healthy and real-life relationship to loving yourself and loving others.

Michell Stanley, LICSW, RYT, CLC


I unearthed tons of buried fears, became a more vibrant, courageous, and at-peace version of myself, and began attracting love all around.  In fact, the influx of love attracted began within the first few days.  I was dramatically and inescapably pulled into a relationship with a man who felt like he had been part of my life's tapestry for years in the making.  We experienced deep love and connection and a genuine sense of arriving home.  We saw and understood each other more clearly than anyone had ever before.

Jamie, Washington, DC